how to get google adsense approval easily fast for wordpress blog

how to get google adsense approval easily fast for WordPress blog

how to get google adsense approval for Blog
how to get google adsense approval for WordPress

These questions are from every new blogger. When you create a new blog or website, you want to put ads on it and Adsense is considered the best for it, and to show ads from Adsense on your blog or website, you have to take Approval from Adsense only after that you are using Adsense You can show ads on your blog or website.
Many people apply for Adsense Approval every day but not everyone gets Approval of Adsense because they make some mistakes, for Adsense Approval, you have to follow some Rules of Adsense below I'm going to tell you For Adsense Approval, you should follow the rules from a cone-cone and besides, I will also tell you which points you should take care of, and what you need to do to change your blog or website Adsense's Approval To get it. So you read this post well and as it has been said you will get Adsnese's Approval.
How old should the blog/website be?
According to Google's guidelines, your blog/website should be 6 months old. But if your blog is 1 month old then you can also take Adsense Approval How to get Adsense Approval in 1 month and what I have to do for it, I have given it below, then you can read it well and understand it You can also get Adsense Approval in one month.
What should be the DESIGN of BLOG / WEBSITE?

1. When choosing Theme / Templates from your Blog / Website, keep in mind that it should be Mobile Friendly. That is, the theme of your blog or your blog should be Design Mobile Friendly.
2. Keep the background color of your blog white, because Google Adsense likes the White Background Color, so your Theme should have Background Color White.
3. Do not use Widgets and Images in your blog's design.
Which pages do you add?

Inside your blog/website, you will find Adsense Approval, even if you do not put this page in the way you get Adsense Approval due to the fact that this page is created by making a page, About Us, Disclaimer. The page should be inserted so that you can get Adsense Approval as soon as possible. Also, add the Terms and Privacy Policy page.
How to write an ARTICLE (POST)

1. Originally written Original Article means copying someone else's article and not putting it in your blog and looking at someone else's article, do not write the same thing exactly as it is considered to be a copy even if it is considered a copy of your own. Write Original Article.
What is Copyright Material?
2. Your article or post should be at least 300-500 words (Word). If you write more than 500 words, then it is even better than you are likely to get Adsense Approval early.
3. Your blog should have 20-25 posts or articles. Well, this is not written on any such but 20-25 posts are in your blog, so Adsense Approval is quick and if it is more than 20-25 posts then it is even better.
4. Do not put any copyrighted material inside your article or post. That is, do not use any other images, videos, etc. in your article, do not let them in your post. Sometimes if you do so, do not forget to give credit to them.
5. Do not use more images inside your article. If your article is something you have to use more images then you do not forget to put alt tags in all your images.

You will need a Top Level Domain to get Approval from Adsense. If you would like to use Adsense Approval by using Free Domain or Sub-Domain, you will not get it.

How to Buy Domain Name?
How much should visitors be?

If you talk more about Adsense visitors than visitors do not give much importance to Adsense visitors, the quality of your post should be good, no matter how many visitors you can apply for Adsense. If your visitors are a lot of work, you will also get Adsense Approval, so do not worry about visitors. And you never buy visitors for the traffic of your blog because the visitor does not like Adsense Paid Traffic. If you do this, you will not get Adsense Approval.

how to approve adsense account with website
how to qualify for adsense through blogger

If your blog has illegal content such as Adult, Gambling, Hacking, Casino, Drug Abuse, etc. then you will not get Adsense Approval. If there is something like this in your blog, then before you apply for Adsense, remove them all.
Keeping in mind all POINT given above, if you APPLY for ADSENSE APPROVAL, you will get ADSENSE APPROVAL as soon as possible. Do not forget to read the Terms and Conditions of ADSENSE before applying for ADSENSE before APPLY.

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