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Monday, 29 April 2019

How to Buy Best dslr camera lens 2019

How to Buy Best DSLR camera lens 2019

How to Buy Best DSLR camera lens 2019
How to Buy Best DSLR camera lens 2019

Knowledge of optical and digital approximation 

Some manufacturers combine the degree of digital and optical convergence when defining their product specifications, allowing them to display the degree of rounding resulting from the combination of the two degrees on the front of their boxes. However, the person should look at the optical zoom number, which may be inserted in a corner on the back of the box, along with a set of numbers showing other specifications. The person may have to do a little research to find the optimal optical approximation for a particular lens, To buy the best and most appropriate type.

How to choose the right camera lens

 Fixed lens

FIXED LENS: Also known as the primary lens, it has a fixed focal length of 35mm and 50mm typically, and these lenses are easy to use, because they do not have the ability to zoom and provide high image quality at a lower cost, and the focal length is 35 It mimics what the human eye sees, as it is useful for capturing natural images, because it possesses a wider maximum aperture and tends to produce higher-quality images than magnifying lenses.

[2] Zoom lenses

Long range focal points you can adjust the long range focal point to a lot of augmentations focal; as most cameras digital single focal point reflex comes associated with the zoom range which captures images on a range of up to 18 millimeters to 200 millimeters And longer long range focal points are larger, heavier, and more expensive than fixed focal points.

How to Buy Best DSLR camera lens 2019
How to Buy Best DSLR camera lens 2019

 [2] Remote imaging lens

TELEPHOTO LENS: It is one of the largest, heaviest, and most expensive options; this lens is a powerful amplifier, so that the individual can capture distant views, as if in front of him, and this is also ideal for shooting sports events, or wildlife, And this lens makes the individual appear to be in the middle of the scene in which the image.

How to Buy Best DSLR camera lens 2019
How to Buy Best DSLR camera lens 2019

Total lens

MACRO LENS: This lens allows for a clear focus when the individual is very close to what he wants to photograph. They enlarge the smallest materials, such as insects, blades of grass, complex patterns and buoys. Other, but the overall lens specializes in capturing the most difficult small images.

Wide-angle lens

WIDE-ANGLE LENS: This lens is used to capture a wider angle than the eye can see, such as a specific corner of the landscape or several aspects of a room. The individual will need a wide-angle lens for this purpose. These lenses are available in many sizes, But what distinguishes them is the wider area of ??vision than the normal focal point and some distortion happen in the image taken; the lines that appear straight to the eye will appear bent through the viewpoint, however, this can create an artistic and interesting point of view.[2] There are several types of wide angle lenses, including [3] The lens is very wide: it has a focal length shorter than 20 millimeters, but it was made with the inner lenses, which aim to correct the fish's eye distortion, sometimes referred to as "non-macroscopic". The eye of the fish can be identified by looking at it because the front element is curved outwards, allowing it to take images up to 180 degrees in tallness and creating a circular impact in the image. These lenses are great for certain purposes, Excessive without real purpose, so be used with caution.

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